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Why does your food matter?

It matters because every heart cell, brain cell, skin cell, muscle cell, in fact every single cell that makes up your body is made from the food you eat.

So what are you made of…….?

Good health is more than just the absence of disease. Good health is abundant energy and feeling good inside.

How well your body functions largely comes down to what you put inside it.  The body strives for balance, or homeostasis everyday. When we fall out of balance we get sick, and if this continues chronic disease can set in. Symptoms are the body’s way of letting us know what has gone too far out of whack. Luckily in all most all cases we can turn this around.


You can’t change your genes,(and why would you want to, they are what makes you you) and we all have inherited strengths and weaknesses, but which genes are expressed, turned on or off, and what happens to us, largely depends on how we interact with the environment.  

At Your food matters we combine the best of scientifically backed evidence and cutting edge research, with time honoured holistic and proven nutritional therapies to find the best healing combination for your specific needs.

Food affects your mood, your energy levels, your hormones, your weight, your immunity to illness, your longevity… everything!

You were born to thrive! It’s up to you!

Start feeling better today!
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