Food is medicine!

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So you go to the doctor, who does some blood tests.  Nothing comes back out of the ordinary. You are health on paper. The doctor tells you “your fine”, except you know you’re not.

Your Food Matters is a place to explore:
  • Gut disorders
  • Strengthening your immunity
  • Getting your energy back
  • Food sensitivity and allergies
  • Happy hormones
  • Resilient Kids

“Food is medicine”

At Your food matters we take a holistic and functional approach to health. This means we appreciate that every person is genetically and biochemically unique. This means looking after you, physically, mentally and emotionally. The function approach to medicine is to identify and correct the route cause of the problem, not just to treat symptoms.   The idea is to be better forever.

Your body is a-mazing!

You probably don’t give it much thought but thousands of chemical reactions are happening inside your body every second to keep you in a state of balance and ease, what we call homeostasis.   Sometimes though due to stress, illness, poor diet, genetics or other factors the body’s regulatory systems become overloaded an and we risk falling out of health and into dysfunction.

The first sign is often fatigue, and a declining capacity to deal with stress. You might feel really run down, experience brain fog, poor memory, mood change, hormone imbalance, gut symptoms, or allergies and sensitivities – all issues that interrupt your health and happiness.

Your body has the ability to heal, it wants to heal, but sometimes we have to get out of its way. First you need to remove whatever is causing the burden in the form of stress, inflammation or infection, then you need to provide the tools and ingredients to repair and detox; to restore normality.

Central to this process is the gut. The gut, or more specifically the thriving ecosystem of microorganisms that live there; the gut microbiome, are in constant communication with your nervous system, including your brain, the immune system, and stress response system to help you adapt to whatever your environment throws at you….

so you not only survive but thrive.

The gut connects everything. The health of our gut is largely determined by what we consume.  Just as “you are what you eat”, even more so “you are what you absorb”. Your gut is the gatekeeper of your health and performs a dual role. It allows you to absorb the essential nutrients for growth and repair, and it also acts as a barrier to chemicals, toxins and infections that might get in to the body and cause harm.

By knowing the right questions to ask, or if need be with functional pathology testing,  I can help you identify the underlying cause of your health situation and help you correct it.

It’s not easy to be healthy in this modern world.  We all have stress, and baggage, but you are never to old to make positive changes to protect yourself from chronic illness and age gracefully and healthfully. It might have been a long time since you felt your best, felt normal. NO one is a lost cause, I do my best work for people who have been sick for a long time and who have multiple chronic illnesses. You might not know where to start, but I do!

I’m also especially passionate about helping our kids, so many of whom are struggling in this toxic world.  Having a child with autism – a neurodevelopmental disorder with social deficits and anxiety, has lead me to dig deeper and go further to understand how the body works and what makes a difference.

If I had a dollar for every time I’m asked “does diet help?” and believe me it makes the biggest difference of all, I’d be a very rich woman by now!

Health is wealth! Let’s get you on the right track starting today!

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