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During these crazy Corona Virus times and as we head into the cooler months, here is a list of the most important immune system boosting nutrients and which foods you will find them in. Read on, they might not be what you think!

Your most important Immune boosting nutrients are:

  1. Vitamin D

  2. Zinc

  3. Vitamin A

  4. Vitamin C

  5. Omega 3 essential fatty acids 

Other important nutrients (in no particular order) are – Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Selenium, other trace minerals, B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin K, amino acids

Here is a handy PDF you can print out (click on green link) of my top 10 Immune Boosting Foods by nutrient – Top 10 Nutrients for Health and Immunity

Biggest immune thieves

1/ If you actively fighting an infection reduce your sugar intake from lollies, chocolate, soft drink, fruit juice, dried fruit, cakes, biscuits, ice cream etc, as even one teaspoon of sugar reduces your immune function for 6 hours!   It’s much better to go and eat a whole orange, or if a cold is coming on, make yourself a warm lemon and honey drink.

2/ Not getting your daily dose of fresh air, sunshine and exercise.  A 30 minute walk each day really is good medicine, so get out there! Go alone for some peace and quiet, or take a family member with you.

3/ Over doing the hand sanitiser. There is no need to use hand sanitiser at home. Hand washing is actually more effective. Anti-microbial soaps and hand sanitisers actually kill your good gut bacteria, as well as killing germs. It is the health and diversity of your gut microbiome (friendly gut bugs) which ultimately keeps your immune system in tip top shape.


Look after your immune system, and your immune system  will look after you!