Jen’s Vegie patties with a protein boost

 What a fantastic and yummy way to eat more vegies!

You can use any mix of vegies you like as […]

How to make 24 hour yogurt, and why you should!

Making yogurt at home is surprisingly simple, and it tastes heaps better than the bought stuff. When you allow […]

Crunchy Paleo Anzacs

Last weekend my lovely friend Wendy called in with a trendy little packet of “Paleo Anzacs” she had purchased […]

Flaxseed Carrot Muffins

The main ingredient in these tasty little muffins are flaxseeds. Actually these muffins are power houses of nutriton!

Flaxseeds are […]

Decadent Gluten Free Chocolate cookies

Warning! These are so rich and scrummy, it is hard to stop at just one.

These would make a lovely […]

Protein Breakfast Smoothie

A protein smoothie is great for a breakfast on the run, or a healthy snack.

Use 100% plant based protein […]

High Protein buckwheat pancakes

I love this recipe from my friend Sue.

Just four ingredients whizzed in the blender, and cooked in a pan. […]

Poached chicken with Soba Noodles


2 chicken breast fillets
3 shallots, cut into 3cm pieces
1 garlic clove, peeled
1 packet of Buckwheat […]

Green Smoothie

I love the smoothness of this green smoothie! The avocado makes it nice and creamy and adds a “good” fat too. Add some spirulina or chlorella for a real antioxidant hit!

Curtis Stone’s Chicken rissoles

These are the easiest and tastiest chicken rissoles ever!