Mood and neurological disorders


Do you look at kids and wish you had their energy?

We live in a very busy world where Stress, Moods and Fatigue are prevalent. We accept that life is just “go, go, go” and there’s not much we can do about it.   Despite exhaustion, our racing minds don’t let us fall asleep easily at night, and many of us wake in the morning, but don’t feel refreshed. Does this sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be this way!  Why do kids have boundless energy, but we don’t?

The answer is simple and complex at the same time. Kids are still young and fresh. They haven’t put their bodies through the stress, poor lifestyle choices and dubious eating habits that we have. Their hormones, neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) and immune systems are still functioning properly because they haven’t been tested and depleted repeatedly over decades.

As adults though we can choose to hit the re-set button on our bodies and get all our systems working properly again. Most of us have forgotten how good we are supposed to feel and what normal is.

It comes back to the simple philosophy of “you are what you eat.” If you put rubbish in, and don’t get enough downtime and exercise to negate the stressful situations all around us, thanks to modern life, then your body is going to put rubbish out like Stress, Moods and Fatigue. You are going to feel tired, lacking in energy, moody and irritable. Your body and brain just won’t respond the way you want them to. You could call it “getting old”, but who wants to be old before their time?  Of course there is a certain amount of wear and tear, that’s called maturity or experience, but wouldn’t you like to have the energy and brain power to live your best life?

The good news is you can turn this around very quickly indeed. If you’ve ever done a detox or a diet you know how much better you feel on “clean food”.

But the problems with detox programs and diets are that they have a start and end date, after which time most of us return to our old habits.  Wouldn’t it be nice to never diet again, and learn the signs of what your body needs to feel and function fantastically well, all the time?

At your food matters there is no judgement or deprivation

– you can just look forward to the freedom that comes from eating smarter and feeling better!







Do you regularly suffer from afternoon slumps, wake up tired, have trouble getting to sleep, get moody or cranky for no reason or just live in a very stressful world?

Your hormones, neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) , immunity, nervous and digestive systems  are all involved. Each system effects the other. In fact 80% of your immune system and 80% of your nervous system is located in your gut.

This is our starting point. Perhaps you suffer from symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Eg constipation, bating, pain, or leaky gut, fatigue, foggy brain,  susceptibility to illness etc.

Even if you are eating reasonably well and trying to do all the right things, digestive dysfunction and stress can  undo all your efforts.  If you are not digesting and absorbing your food well, then your body and brain are not receiving the nutrients that they need. Once your reserves and stores are used up, symptoms will start to occur.