“I was looking for support with symptoms associated with digestion issues earlier this year. I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I discovered Jenny as close as Bendigo. Jenny is very experienced and knowledgeable.  She providing me with the practical, realistic dietary plans and information needed to guide me to better health. Jenny is friendly, easy to talk to and prompt in responding to my enquiries. I  am very satisfied with the results as well as being better personally informed to remain feeling better. I highly recommend Your food matters. ”    – Jillian Vallence                                                  


“I think we’ve turned a big corner. The mushy poohs are now a rarity and his sleep and behaviour have completely stabilised. I thought you might appreciate an update. It feels like it’s taken forever but in hindsight it’s probably a much quicker trip than most. I’m feeling really comfortable and in the swing of a routine in the kitchen that works on all levels. It’s so amazing to see Syd and myself both so well and toilet training! I’m so grateful for all your support, guidance and optimism. I’m feeling so confident and empowered now around our food choices. There’s still a little way to go with tackling family gatherings, birthday parties and such but having the home front dialed- in is such a relief and I’m sure I’ll be getting the rest right too.  So thank you again and if there’s any evaluation or specific feedback or research you like to gather please don’t hesitate to ask.”  – Devon


I just need to share my excitement with someone who doesn’t think I am crazy!Oscar has had a small “tree” of broccoli 2 nights in a row now! We are sooooo proud of him! He is becoming less determined when refusing foods, and can generally be talked around to at least having a bite of something that is new, where as in the past he has just flat out refused and would literally run off screaming!  We haven’t had a wet bed in 2 weeks, he is getting up in the mornings on his own, and in a happy mood, he is starting to try and do things himself (like putting on his seat belt in the car), and seems to be “calming” down a lot easier!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for what you are doing for us! I can see positive progress, and as a family we are very excited and happy to be finally moving forward with him!”   – Ebony


“Hi Jenny,  I just wanted to give you an update on how I am going as I woke up  this morning feeling quite different. I had to stop and think what it was. I had energy and I was actually excited about life.  It has been a while since I felt like that! It is a miracle to have this back, Thank you.  I did some gardening yesterday and usually suffer all night from the  pain in my legs, but no pain last night or even any stiffness in my joints.  I have had a blood test for histamine levels and should get results next week, the Doctor hadn’t heard of it before and I think I got him thinking about other patients who have severe allergies. I have been off all high histamine foods and continue to improve.  Actually I shouldn’t minimise the recovery Jenny. I have had inflammation in my top sinuses and around my eyes and bridge of the nose for over 10 years and nothing has changed it. Yesterday the inflammation went and I know longer seem to be cross eyes and the constant throbbing and tightness has gone. WOW!! Thanks Jenny for all your support.” – Christine Lucas


“I went to see Jenny as I was having trouble with my digestion as well as thyroid issues.  I found Jen to be a very caring, highly trained person who was extremely thorough with her diagnosis of my problems. My husband and daughter also attended for different reasons and were equally impressed. After the appointment Jenny spent many hours of her own time writing a detailed report for each of us with recommendations of supplements and good diet choices for each of us.  I have no hesitation in recommending Jenny to anyone who is feeling “not quite right”and wanting to heal their body through the power of food and supplements.” -Di & Ken McCulloch


“C  has still been going with the GF DF diet (plus a little butter). Protein for breakfast. I still struggle with lunch boxes, though!  We seem to be going well with the supplements.  His stomach aches are happening rarely now. His immunity is much better (I included the Metagenics Zn/vit C powder a few times per week). We notice his hard to manage behaviour (highly strung/ whinge / worry / anxiety) pops up as soon as we have missed a dose or two of the probiotic in particular.  The best news of all, though, has been the improvement in his reading.  At the beginning of the year he was testing at the minimum required level for half way through grade 2 (6+ months behind). Last week he tested at the end of grade three level – 6 months ahead. I take these ‘expected levels’ with a grain of salt. Fairly amazing though, that he would improve the equivalent of 18 months in the last 5.  I feel like all the hard work we have put in to improve his gut function is paying off. Thank you so much Jenny. I am over the moon and feeling like I’m getting my bright little boy back! ”  Warm regards,  C.J.


“By the time I found out about Jenny, I was at my wits end.  I was suffering from constant stomach aches and felt terrible.  I was unable to shift any weight even though I was exercising vigorously every day.  Jenny helped me eliminate foods from my diet (then re-introduce gradually), and get back on track.  Nearly 12 months later I still feel great and would highly recommend her service to anyone.” -Jocelyn




I would like to highly recommend Jenny as a GAPS practitioner.  Jenny has been walking through the GAPS journey with our family of 6 and I have felt so wonderfully supported.  No question is too silly for Jenny and I feel she does a thorough job and I feel blessed to have her walking this journey with our family.”  – Corrie-Lyn Boyland


“We are a bit over a week in (I think) with the supplements & I have definitely seen a change in Sonny. He seems a little more calm, it is amazing! The thing that stands out the most to me is that he has been playing with his toys happily by himself. Asking for the tv a lot less and just seems to be happier.  He had 2 full days at kinder this week & his teacher commented on how well he was settling in. She was quite surprised actually. I’m still poking along at changing his diet, keeping in mind the fodmap list which is on the fridge! He is still being a little champ & just accepts if he can’t have something. He surprises me every time!  He reminds me to put the magnesium oil on his feet at night & I have noticed his night terrors have been far less frequent and when they do happen it’s far less severe.  I feel like we are getting on track! I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.” -Gretal


“After years of chronic illness and general un-wellness, and churning through a number of unsatisfactory medical practitioners, my first conversation with Jenny was a revelation.  She has been the first health care professional who has listened to all my various issues and agreed that they needed to be treated as a whole, not as individual complaints to be dealt with symptomatically.  In five months I have come a long way towards being well – perhaps for the fist time in my life – and my life, and that of my family, has changed enormously for the better.  Her sincere care, empathy and knowledge have made this process so much easier for me and I look forward to continuing on my wellness journey with Jenny’s guidance.”- Philippa


“I have known Jenny Johnston for a couple of years as a friend and gym buddy before I used her business – Your Food Matters – and I found her to always be friendly, helpful, honest, non-judgemental, open, easy to talk to and I could go on forever. I decided to go and see her for some professional help in my weight loss endeavour.  So off I go thinking to myself – this will be easy. It wasn’t but Jenny was there all the way, with great advice, answers to questions that I would never have thought off.  She gives it to you straight up, no fluff. After discussions with Jen, about what I was doing and how I was going and where I wanted to be at the end, there were tears in here somewhere, I know.  She was able to give me a plan that worked for me and I still follow.  It has helped me lose 20 Kilos and keep them off.”                                              -Vicki Naughton


“Hey Jen,  will catch ya properly when back but just wanted to say how grateful I am to have met you in my crazy season. I feel just that little bit of prep and knowledge prepared my for what had to come.  I’m at Peter Mac, my Chemo is on hold because they just need a little more accuracy on exact diagnosis to shoot with what. Which means l’ve gotten to rest, get strong, my bowel clear, food options mean beautiful veggies fresh fish, so blessed.  And they’re happy for me to have the probiotics twice a day and because of the high antibiotics it keeps me together and l can have my primers too. Prognosis is really great, so excited.” -J



“As a menopausal woman who lives a highly stressful life, Jen’s advice and investigation into my own nutrition has helped me deal with my life much better than I was.  I was tired, emotional and “on the edge” most of the time. I now find myself more relaxed, rested and able to deal with life’s rigours much easier. Thanks Jenny! I owe you big time”         -Sue Walton




Just like most of the population of the world, I have tried too many diets to count on both hands and feet. Jenny is a strategic thinker and a motivating professional, she understands life happens and offers a personalised plan to achieve success. She offers everything I was not getting from the other companies, if only I knew sooner there was an easy, low cost and completely natural approach to achieve health and happiness for the whole family.”  -Nicole Wallace